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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Central Adirondack Art Show! @ The View

I've earned an Honorary Mention in the Mixed Media category at the Central Adirondack Art Show!

The new work on display is Loon.

I snapped a quick pick before I sent Loon to the show.
The work on Loon was a bit rushed as the Side Walk Art Show at the Munson William Proctor Institute immediately preceded the Central Adirondack Art Show.  I was going to submit new work for the Side Art Show as well, but my plans for that particular piece hit a wall due to lack of acrylic resin.  Yet between that debacle and staging a new piece within a two week period, it did not come out that terrible.

Side Walk Art Show! ...Last Week

The June 28th edition of The Observer's Dispatch 315 (formerly weekend plus?) featured my work Best Mirror on their front cover!

So... I've dropped the ball a little bit.  Consequently 'tis time for a little catching up.  Especially as I haven't posted updates regularly of late.  (Hint: your going to be bombarded today.)

Every Rose as a piece is kind of old news by now.
First off, last week my Every Rose was featured in the oil & pastel category of the Munson Williams Proctor Institute's Side Walk Art Show!   The show ran from only June 30th to July 4th, so if you didn't attend I understand why.  I only managed to stop by for a half hour to vote on July 3rd!

If my work has not been sold I will be reclaiming it Thursday (the 12th).

Hopefully with a ribbon attached...