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Monday, March 12, 2012

T-shirt (Design) War!!! The 5 W's...

My "Neapolitan Noir"

Ielle's "Busted Bogie"

 Who:  The oh so talented Ielle Palmer and Myself of course.  You can check out Miss Palmer's blog here: The Not-so-Rebel Ielle

What:  T-shirt (Design) War!  The 1st of hopefully many.  Vote over which design you think is the best!  No matter how you vote, or even if you don't buy a t-shirt, you will have supported something great by spreading the word!

Where:  Over at Facebook we have an event page setup:  IELLE! VS. SON OF MAHON! T-Shirt (Design) War!

When:  Now (March 12th) through Friday March 23rd.

Please Prevent Puppy Starvation.
Why:  The institution which employs Miss Palmer is suffering from a drop in enrollment, so they had to cut one of her classes.  This means she has significantly less to fall back on (monetarily speaking) in the near future, and things are going to get pretty tight if we can't mitigate that loss.  That is why I have teamed up with Ielle to help her get past this rough spot, reaching out to our mutual communities, so she can buy groceries and continue to feed her adorable little puggle Izzy.  If you can support Ielle, and get an awesome t-shirt in exchange, you should definitely check out the shop links below.  We would also be eternally grateful.

How:  Through Skreened and Cafe Press!  We are providing two options to help you provide salvation from destitution for Ielle, and more importantly shield puggles from starvation!
Ielle vs. Son Of Mahon

Cafe Press:
Ielle vs. Son of Mahon

Spreading the word about the design war between Ielle and I is the best thing you can do to help us, even beyond buying a shirt (and trust us we would really really love it if you bought a shirt.).  Even if you tell just TWO people, deux peoples, it would be huge for us.

Thank you for whatever support you can muster!

OH, and I nearly forgot to mention if you vote on the Facebook wall, and suggest the theme of our next T-shirt battle you could be in the running to WIN $25 through Paypal!  This is my own personal investment to help Ielle, and it is a reward for one lucky person from our community who comes forward to support us.  This person could be you, so I recommend heading over to THE EVENT and checking out the commotion.

Ielle's "Busted Bogie"

My (Son Of Mahon's) "Neapolitan Noir"

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