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Monday, March 19, 2012

30 Days to Make a Habit, Part 1

Actual picture from my studio cork board.

Recently I read a passing reference to this idea in a the99% (not THE 99%, even though I wholeheartedly support them) blog post.  The general idea is that if you can make yourself do something for 30 days then that action will become a habit for you.  It’s nearly so self explanatory it borders on redundancy.

Think about your habits.  The little things you do every day.  Some of them are good, others could even be considered poisonous, but to an observer they all compose the narration of who one is.
This Idea is appealing to a self improvement addict, and unlike many other “techniques”, “tactics”, “strategies”, “tips”, etc, as there is actually some truth to it.

There is greater implication to the idea.  Habits compose who we are.  The idea is as ancient as the word’s Latin origins, habere, which was not only used as “to have or to hold” an object but to describe both inner and outward characteristics of individuals as well.  It was also used to refer to what one was wearing.

That knowledge confers a comforting idea, that through our free will (even if we prescribe to a delusion of destiny) we can control and disrobe from seemingly natural malfeasance of character.  Beyond this, and in step with nature’s abhorrence of vacuums, one could infer (however wildly) that one habit must replace another, and we can use that momentum to better our behavioral circumstances.  Still, if that is true then once more we must also cater to the notion of free will (my apologies to the god-fearing).

“Free Will” being the key phrase, for often I have found that there is seemingly far too little of it in abundance that would easily account for such a grievous misnomer.

Will is nurtured, will is earned, will waxes and wanes.  However I have never felt will as being free, especially strong will.

However, even a strong will alone is no guarantee that it is possible to change a comfortable habit.  Not a positive habit, just one that has developed unnoticed, or one that is chronic in nature and has been present so long it feels natural.

That requires a self evaluation, what habits can even be considered positive?  Negative?  Chronic?

You might have to simplify further and ask what is really important to you.  Chances are there is going to be some list making.

The focus of this blog isn’t self help though, so I am not going to cater specifically to the details behind that process.  I will however be talking this week how I am currently employing this idea, how it is generating results for me, and the mindset I have behind it.  If I can give you any insight I would rather dispense it through demonstration than lecture.

Speaking of what's going on with me.  I would like to remind everyone that the t-shirt war and a possible $25 is still up for grabs!  Thank you to everyone in the community who has come out to support us thus far!  We still need to get the word out though so if you can continue circulating the word around Ielle and I would really appreciate it.

Also!  In search of Alex Orange is continuing to update this week!  ...on FB, grumble, grumble...

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